About Us

Welcome to The Design Edit, the online magazine dedicated to limited edition, collectible design.

This magazine has been born from a passion for these glorious, curious, hybrid artworks – which are rooted in function but surprise, delight and challenge us like sculpture.

Carpenters’ Workshop Gallery’s founders, Loic le Gaillard and Julien Lombrail, have been leading protagonists in this sector of the art world. They have encouraged artists to take risks; they have supported the craftspeople who keep pace with the artists’ visions and they have helped to build audiences for these experimental objects. It was their idea to found a magazine that would be the home for critical discussion and the enthusiastic sharing of news and information about this growing genre.

The Design Edit aims to cover anything that might interest one of the collectors, or one of dreamers drawn to these ingenious creations. We have invited contributions from some of the leading writers in the fields of art and design, who are introducing and evaluating this relatively new segment of the contemporary art scene. Within these pages you will find: market analysis; reviews of gallery and museum exhibitions; reports from art and design fairs; interviews with artists, collectors, gallerists and market players; profiles of prominent contemporary designers, artists and architects; debates between critics and curators; and features exploring trends and critical ideas. We aim to cover events and chase ideas across the habitable world, from the traditional centres of London, Paris and New York to the burgeoning collectible design scenes of China, Brazil and Southern Africa.

This online magazine was born from a perceived need: to give collectible design its own space in the crowded sphere of writing about art and design. But collectible design does not exist in isolation – it is part of a broad cultural landmass bordering sculpture, craft, design and new technology. We will send our writers on forays into these neighbouring realms. Above all, we will seek good stories and pertinent ideas.

We hope of course that you will enjoy it. We welcome your feedback!