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What is a piece of design worth?
A heritage of serious craftsmanship, combined with a cultural renaissance, is creative fuel to a new generation of artist-makers.
Using a range of local materials – from recycled metal and coconut palms to canoes – and collaborating with local craftspeople, contemporary African designers are attracting international interest.
Upcycling, recycling, and using unusual natural products – designers are pushing boundaries in their quest for sustainability.
If you think Nordic design is about sobriety and function, think again – a new generation of designers is breaking free of their predecessors.
Glass is having its moment, argues Grant Gibson.
Art hotels are burgeoning - and collectible design is as much part of the furniture as fine art.
In displaying art with design in spaces configured to suggest domestic interiors rather than white cubes, galleries are blurring the distinction between the two.
Meet the designers exploring a new frontier of biological processes.
MAK’s bold move to hand over curatorship to contemporary artists has left a powerful legacy.
Designers are collaborating with artisans to realise unique work - sustaining traditional crafts in the process.
The market for contemporary African design is evolving.
The role of touch and texture in collectible design.
A creative explosion is underway as contemporary ateliers play with process-based design.