In The Studio

Meet the designers and makers where it all begins. TDE takes you to the heart of the creative process.

Anton Alvarez: ‘The Remnants’ by TDE Editorial Team

Anton Alvarez: Producing his work on-site at 100 Bishopsgate, with a ten-tonne ceramic press named 'The Extruder' – Alvarez takes TDE through the process …

Atelier LUMA by Caroline Roux

Atelier LUMA: Caroline Roux visits the visionary workshop in Arles, where local materials – salt, algae, wool and sunflowers – are transformed into tapestries, tiles and wall panels.

Adam Silverman by Adrian Madlener

Adam Silverman: The ceramicist sets up shop in a new Los Angeles workshop and launches an extensive social project addressing America’s growing socio-political divide.

Studio Diaries / Bennet Schlesinger by Adrian Madlener

Bennet Schlesinger: The Los Angeles-based sculptor muses on the benefits of isolated practice .

Studio Diaries / Rosa Nguyen by TDE Editorial Team

Rosa Nguyen: The ceramicist's creative routines during London's third lockdown.

Studio Diaries / Mary Little by TDE Editorial Team

Mary Little: Reflections from Los Angeles on the genesis of her latest exhibition.

Studio Diaries / 200Grs. by TDE Editorial Team

200Grs.: Pascal and Rana report from their Beirut studio.

Darcy Miro by Adrian Madlener

Darcy Miro: The metals artist unveils a new collection, inspired by coral and animal scales.

Artists under Lockdown / Steven Haulenbeek by TDE Editorial Team

Steven Haulenbeek: A designer using this forced pause to develop his processes in Chicago.

Artists under Lockdown / John Makepeace by TDE Editorial Team

John Makepeace: A furniture maker in Dorset.

Artists under Lockdown / Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg by TDE Editorial Team

Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg: Master glass artists nestled in Mid Wales.

Artists under Lockdown / Egeværk by TDE Editorial Team

Egeværk: Furniture makers keeping 'joyful and busy' in Elsinore.

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