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The Design Edit catches up with the gallery's founder just after the opening of her second gallery, in Megève.
A patron of contemporary art and design.
Witty, fantastical and exquisitely executed, the Haas Brothers' designs keep breaking boundaries.
Friedman Benda – redefining the field of design by embracing interdisciplinary practices and promoting intergenerational dialogue.
One brooch, then another, before too long it's a collection. Four connoisseurs reveal why ...
Self-described 'Domesticated savages' who have created a platform to dream, imagine and create together.
A new collection from the designer who upends expectations and rewrites the rules.
The Polish architect who found his spiritual home in Brazilian design.
Embracing and confronting her femininity and race through her unique visual language.
The sculptors whose design flies free of pigeonholes.
The celebrated maverick’s first solo show at New York’s R & Company offers a new range of sublime sculptural furniture.
Fusing technology, design and sculpture.
The Lebanese partnership, with its head in the clouds and its feet on the ground.
Their journey from carefree student life, to running a design studio in Jo'burg, fired by love and creativity.
A shared curiosity about design processes brought them together, since then they've enjoyed a wide-ranging creative collaboration.
Disrupters, performers and makers.
As New York remains under lockdown, Paul Clemence introduces us to one of the many international designers who make their home there.
A tribute to the renowned design writer.
A tribute to the renowned British gallerist who was at the heart of the New York art scene.
The Design Edit interviews the artist and designer as his shows open in New York.
Five years on, the youngest dealers in the collectible design world are successfully developing 21st century Chinese design.
An art dealer passionate about design.
R & Company have been championing contemporary collectible design for over twenty years – it all started in the flea markets of Philadephia and Manhattan.
Her passion for design, honed aesthetic and approach to living with beautiful objects are all encapsulated in Willer - the gallery sought out by interior designers and architects worldwide.
The Design Edit meets the Director of Hamiltons Gallery in his gallery office – the inspiration behind his renowned art-fair booths.
Enjoying the open doors that fame and influence have brought him, Arsham collaborates with a diverse range of clients – from Porsche and Selfridges, to Jay-Z and the French Ministry of Culture. He brings a brand new furniture collection to Design Miami/.
Drawing heavily on the rich artisanal culture of the Northeast of Brazil, Matos is flying the flag for Brazilian design.
Kim Hostler and Juliet Burrows, life partners and founders of Hostler Burrows, have recently opened a new gallery in Los Angeles after over 20 years in the business. They aptly attribute their success to “building long-term relationships.”
Still breaking the mould at eighty.
After two decades of building up a talented team of Indian master craftsmen, whilst honing their own creative vision, Rajeeta and Rolly Gupta launched their design atelier in London last year.
Guillaume Taslé d'Héliand charts the development of his evolving collectible design fair, and discusses the emergence of Lebanese design.
A late discovery of ginger, combined with his love of Italian cooking, gave the designer inspiration for a new recipe.
The godfather of London’s limited-edition world.
At a festival to celebrate the world-renowned antique markets of Paris, The Design Edit caught up with its flamboyant ambassador, French interior designer Vincent Darré.
On the eve of the publication of his monograph, Claire Wrathall meets the man who explores myths with his furniture.
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A furniture collaboration for the Glenstone Museum.
Anna Sansom meets the man whose curiosity drives him to work across diverse design fields.
Judith Gura meets ‘the man who rediscovered Art Deco’ and built a pioneering collection of contemporary design.
As Milan's Museum of Italian Design unveiled a new installation of its permanent collection, Caroline Roux caught up with its exceptionally busy curator.
From Hoxton to Mayfair, via Porto Cervo – the story of Gallery FUMI’s eleven extraordinary years in the contemporary design market.
The architect shares her passion for Mexican food, tequila and her grandmother's volcano rock mortar.
Judith Gura discovers how his instinct for design and innovative marketing was honed.
On the eve of the announcement of his departure from Phillips, Judith Gura found out how this market maestro came to lead his field.
Art dealers, visionaries and founders of Carpenters Workshop Gallery.
Grant Gibson visits the new MDR Gallery in Coal Drops Yard, London.
In conversation with a prominent collector of avant-garde design.
Lucia van der Post reveals how Ingrid Donat’s sculpted furniture reflects her eclectic influences.
His latest exhibition was a masterpiece of technical ingenuity, as Anna Sansom discovers.
In the kitchen with the materials designer, for an alchemical experience.