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TDE's top picks from San Francisco’s boutique collectible design fair.
Is plastic good? Should an exhibition have a soundtrack? Does the white cube experience trump all? Sample some of Eddie Frankel's provocative musings as he tours London's current exhibitions.
As the city is brimming with design exhibitions and events, TDE sets out to explore, visiting everything from student collaborations to penthouse showcases.
From Neolithic statuettes to Grayson Perry – via Marcel Duchamp – MAD demonstrates that ceramics continue to be open to reinvention.
TDE's top picks from the New York platform for emerging designers.
The duo launch a new series of chairs – ready for chance encounters and accessible for young collectors.
“Contemporary collectors are looking for the bold. Highly sculptural, statement objects that have something to say."
“If someone is touching my piece, I’ve already won.”
Staple galleries The Future Perfect and Hostler Burrows have teamed up with the Danish cultural organisation for two distinct design exhibitions this fall.
A showcase of contemporary makers and their contribution to the capital's long history of creativity and craft.
Depth, breadth and diversity – the highlights of collectible design this autumn.
A commitment to new blood, ideation and incubation.
Totems, typewriters and utopian ideals, all filtered through oriental philosophy - the fascinating world of the founder of the Memphis movement.
The Chicagoan artist curates a complex and thought-provoking ceramics exhibition in East London.
From a vision of nature-inspired interiors, to the meditative work of Wonmin Park, via the eye-opening Noguchi show, Corinne Julius brings us the best of autumn shows.
A fully expressive first gallery solo show, reflecting the designer's quest for meaning through colour, light and form.
The dynamic Nigerian city hosts the rising design stars of West Africa – soon to be viewed by an international audience via a Netflix documentary.
The designers who came of age in post-Soviet Georgia continue their exploration of the personal and social through objects and furniture.
Galerie Philia is reviving the virtues of localism through its residency programme.
A historic set of Mollino furniture, on public view for the first time, enriches the Triennale Milano collection.
Limited-edition furniture made from an ancient seam of marble.
An intellectual venture into function and form, yielding forms that are surprisingly tactile and visceral.
Back with a bounce – bringing the best of British contemporary makers to the attention of interior designers.
Brecht Wright Gander reports from Basel … are you sitting comfortably?
A diverse range of format-defying programmes open the city’s bustling season this fall.
Bringing their exquisite multisensory and experiential designs to the Big Apple.
Milan exemplifies design – Astrid Malingreau looks at this year's Design Week through a historical lens.
Anna Sansom gives a whirlwind summary tour of the wide range of new collectible design on view this autumn.
Bringing the work of the pioneering polymath to the wider attention of a European audience.
Playing a part in rejuvenating the Motor City through design and innovation.
A contemporary curation of sculptural objects set within the light-filled modernist interior of Maison Louis Carré.
Collectibles make a strong showing at the world’s largest design event.
Ten years on, the festival of contemporary ceramics has grown in scope and strength.
Back with a flourish: 10 design districts across the capital celebrating the best in design from across the world.
Promoting twenty young designers and the merits of American hardwood.
The long-awaited 15th edition sums up the zeitgeist with a robust and varied programme.
Inventive, skilful and adventurous – new work in glass from leading contemporary designers.
From Aix-en-Provence to Beaulieu-sur-Mer, The Design Edit brings you the best of the summer exhibitions, mixing art and design.
Powerful and evocative work from an upcoming talent who confronts black history in a profound and authentic way.
Collecting, collaborating and sometimes gently persuading – the story of how Diane Venet brought together jewellery made by leading artists of the past century.
Friedman Benda and Superhouse team up to showcase OrtaMiklos’s latest chair collection in an interactive virtual game experience.
An exhibition that elegantly explores how one family's artistic output crossed freely between painting, sculpture, furniture and architecture.
An exhibition that successfully draws together diverse aspects of the Modernist designer's work and confirms her place in the pantheon of twentieth-century design.
An ancient technique used to tell a contemporary tale of the beauty and drama of nature.
The British designer continues his rigorous exploration of ancient and contemporary making processes with two new collections.
On its fiftieth anniversary, the Crafts Council invites 13 contemporary makers to choose their favourite object from the Crafts Council Collection – and to add a new one.
The designer duo’s ode to timeless Modernist craftsmanship.
An exhibition tracing the evolution of luxury and our relationship to it.
The fantasy and surrealism of the renowned French artists reigns supreme in the gardens of Versailles.
The New York-based Italian architect’s latest furniture and lighting collection plays on the refractive qualities of bent metal.
The travelling showcase lands in St. Moritz again, extending its collaborations to include Christo, Christie's and Kenny Schachter.
An exhibition exploring the legacy of a designer who kept collaboration, innovation and adventure at the heart of her work.
The Chicago-based polymath’s latest collection riffs on the iconography of the ubiquitous building material.
A gathering of unorthodox clocks, designed impishly to play with our minds and challenge our approach to time.
As the re-opened galleries get into their post-lockdown stride, Anna Sansom guides us through the collectible design offerings from four current exhibitions.
An exhibition exploring the legacy of Néotù, whilst pairing design with contemporary painting.
An atmospheric curation of the late designer's architecture and furniture, in the house he lived in for six decades.
The designer at the beating heart of the avant-garde who expressed himself through enamel.
A collection of large-scale, boldly decorated ceramic vessels that embody mythic creatures and powerful goddesses.
Contemporary relics born from a long investigation into architectural artefacts in the Mediterranean basin.
The Moroccan artist making wicker chairs to tell alternative versions of a traumatic history.
Emma Scully’s first New York show brings together eight disparate talents to reevaluate the parameters of contemporary industrial design.
Celebrating the power of design to imagine and implement change.
Meet the innovative young designer, who is creating elegant furniture with waste from the ceramics industry.
The Russian interior designer opens a new gallery in Amsterdam, inviting us to look again, from a different angle.
A hybridised format brings a rich seam of lockdown work to light.
A collaboration bringing contemporary collectible design into conversation with a historic, artistic ecosystem.
A collection that combines gravitas and beauty, through the language of cataclysm and the patina of decay.
Six outstanding pieces from the shortlist of the international prize that brings contemporary craft into the limelight.
Object & Thing teams up with galleries Blum & Poe and Mendes Wood DM to mount a contextual showcase of art and design in a Modernist architect's home.
New York design company Egg Collective presents an impressive survey show of seminal works by women designers who are also mothers.
Like the spring flowers, galleries are opening for the first time this year – offering a tempting array of collectible design.
The Kenyan-British ceramicist opens her first solo exhibition in New York in three decades.
As spring warms New York and spirits soar, Adrian Madlener brings us the best collectible design shows to step out and see.
An upbeat, vibrant IRL show – bathed in yellow.
Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte teams up with non-profit Canadian Creators Collective to mount a virtual exhibition celebrating Montreal’s design prowess.
Designers originating from Africa, Brazil, Denmark, the Netherlands, Chile and Greece exhibit their eclectic work in the French capital.
Construction, deconstruction, redesign – the journey of 19 chairs during a year of lockdown.
Adrian Madlener’s roundup of in-person spring shows.
Commissioned first, curated later: a reversed methodology that has allowed this ambitious exhibition to speak volumes.
The New York lighting designer joins forces with the socially progressive platform Colony to debut a new collection.
Still a small and highly selective fair, but with increased online visibility and opportunities for wider engagement.
A tightly curated scenography of collectible design, shown in one of New York's iconic art deco apartments.
R & Company's in-depth survey of the ever-evolving American crafts movement is as much a reflection of the present, as it is of the past.
The capital's galleries provide an array of real-life shows to lift the spirits and light the darkness.
An exhibition that highlights the diversity, strength and influence of three generations of female ceramists.
He was one of the first designers to embrace computer modelling and CAD, thirty years on he's still on his journey.
Robust ceramic furnishings by the Dutch designer take pride of place at New York’s Casa Perfect.
Exhibitions across 37 cities – from Amsterdam to Zurich – and online.
Six curated salons exemplify the Krzentowski approach to domestic space.
From the workshops of Cape Town, and now on view in Melbourne, Australia, the South African designer has conjured a world of mutant species, built from the detritus of 21 st century life.
Brasilia was conceived in modernism – today's designers are still inspired by its legacy.
Young provocateur Brecht Wright Gander helps inaugurate New York’s latest format-defying collectible art and design gallery.
Launching during Design/Miami – three limited-edition designs.
The stalwart fair beats all the odds with a hybrid presentation – celebrating the Americas region.
From a floating garden to a revolutionary wood-stove, this biennial brings a wide range of thought-provoking work.
An exhibition highlighting the design conversation in plywood, from the early British modernists to a Chicago-based designer.
Design fairs and galleries have rapidly upped their online presence – bringing new access and audiences to collectible design.
A collection of rescued treasures – reimagined and transformed.
A report from the French capital, before the gallery doors closed.
A capsule retrospective of the renowned sculptor’s discipline-defying oeuvre.
The fruits of lockdown: a collection of sensual, sculptural vessels with an array of impressive new glazes.
New York’s dedicated master crafts incubator revs up for an auspicious season.
TDE interviews the Danish gallerist as her new gallery opens in the Marais.
Quietly intense, both exhibitions offer subtle explorations of materials and process.
Designer, architect, artist and playful maverick, Ron Arad doesn't need a passport to move between disciplines, he doesn't even need a ticket. TDE interviews the artist as a collection of his works opens at Newlands House Gallery.
Sculptural works conjured from close observation of nature, which artfully play with form and function.
Ballet dancer turned architect, Torzo has designed her first exhibition of furniture with elegance and ease of the body in mind.
On the eve of his Channel 4 series and as his new show opens, Claire Wrathall catches up with the ceramic artist who loves to court controversy.
An insight into the tight-knit circle of artists and architects who expanded the parameters of modernism in the Philadelphia region and beyond.
A post-lockdown explosion of imagination and skilful execution.
Provocative and sensual work, exhibited in a virtual film noir.
Celebrating the resurgence of the Venetian glass sector after months of closure.
His subtle transformations of story-telling objects reveal hidden narratives.
Find out what happens when Cocksedge applies his curiosity, audacity and determination to industrial glass.
The first major solo museum exhibition of the ceramicist who blends Surrealism with Pop art.
Discover new collections and iconic pieces in some hidden corners of Paris.
Take a wander through an alternative utopia.
In response to COVID, a group show explores the idiosyncratic meaning of necessity.
A fresh perspective on the pioneering Irish designer, who was at the forefront of the Modern Movement.
The isolation of lockdown, coupled with a brief to investigate the self, has produced an exotic harvest.
A selling exhibition of art and design demonstrates how colour itself can be a material, essential to a work and not just a finishing flourish.
A tantalising exhibition of textile art, waiting behind closed doors for the end of lockdown.
Natural materials and a spare aesthetic are shown to advantage in some thoughtful work from some of Norway's most talented designers.
A report on the design market during COVID-19.
Iconic, ironic and radical – an exhibition drawn from the archives of the avant-garde Italian design group.
The internationally acclaimed Brazilian brothers are opening a major retrospective in the iconic modern art museum of their home country.
A wild imagination, no boundaries and technical prowess produces an extraordinary show, from a rising US star of collectible design.
Anna Sansom's round-up of the winter shows.
Somerset House hosts this year’s Collect: The Design Edit picks highlights from its array of contemporary international craft and design.
The trio of creatives have conjured up the Collect VIP room through combined imagination – and the transformative alchemy of the Cox London foundry and workshops.
A large scale ceramic installation in an urban setting allows this multi-media artist to explore the interplay of art with architecture.
TDE catches up with Guillaume Excoffier at the collectible design gallery’s pop-up in New York.
As this trio of shows demonstrates, when it comes to ceramics Messums is in for the long haul.
Is comfort a sedative? Is discomfort intellectually superior? An exhibition that provides a philosophical foray into the relationship between design and comfort.
Deceptive in their simplicity, many of the French designer’s pieces are technically complex feats of workmanship.
Determinedly resisting pigeon-holes and boundaries, this young artist’s exploration of his heritage through ‘pragmatic sculpture’ is both thought-provoking and enigmatic.
A paean to cars - collectible design on wheels - and their ambiguous legacy.
Thirty years ago the Iron Curtain started to buckle. As this show reveals, the impact of that moment has resonated on every level - including design.
Invited to curate an exhibition of the art that inspired him, in the building he designed, Mendini’s swansong is full of humour, colour and counterpoint.
Sarah Myerscough Gallery brings Marcin Rusak's new White Perma Collection to Design Miami/ – furniture made from flowers.
For his first exhibition at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris, Vincenzo De Cotiis has created a new collection of shimmering works inspired by Japan and the theme of iridescence.
“All we need is love,” shouts Yovanovitch literally and metaphorically in his new exhibition, which is infused with sensuousness, colour, craftsmanship and humour.
A thought-provoking collection of contemporary collectible design comes to Los Angeles, inspired by the concept of Archeofuturism.
An ambitious exhibition celebrating the pioneering designer, egalitarian, environmentalist and feminist, who was instrumental in shaping the way we live today.
A room of their own: six designers produce an eclectic mix of chairs for the rooms of 17th century Fenton House.
Object, vessel or sculpture? These glass works sit in a category of their own, radiating quiet power.
By combining ideas drawn from nature with intelligent designs and virtuoso craftsmanship, Boulloud makes magic with metal.
Design enthusiasts were treated to a focus on ceramics and the opportunity to visit makers in their studios.
Corinne Julius showcases a selection of cutting edge designers and makers at Decorex International.
A career-spanning exhibition honours the pioneer of 'design-art'.
A lively exhibition that purposefully blurs the line between artist-made and designer-made pieces.
From sculpted insect shelters to exuberant street furniture, The Design Edit brings you the highlights.
Grant Gibson is impressed by the work on display at Stoke's five week festival of clay.
The last chance to catch a provocative presentation of African art.
The first contemporary art exhibition at Stonehenge Visitor Centre.
Contemporary white porcelain sculptures are juxtaposed with historic pieces, providing an exquisite showcase of skill and artistry.
A parade of quirky cabinets by a master maker.
A cornucopia of furniture – designed by the world’s leading architects – reveals imagination rooted in practicality.
A diverse late-summer show in the Hamptons.
Pablo Reinoso’s exuberant sculptures push the boundaries of form and function.
A selection of Malene Hartmann Rasmussen’s fantastical works stopped briefly in London, on their way to the Istanbul Biennial.
Guest curators Pembrooke and Ives unpack the archive at R & Company.
The legendary designer who ranged from couture to furniture.
A vibrant collection of over 160 iconic works from Sottsass’s Memphis Group, exhibited against the backdrop of a former 19th century prison.
An outstanding exhibition from the Loewe award-winning ceramicist.
The 'Fog couch' comes to London.
Angélique de Folin and Harumi Klossowska de Rola.
Edmund de Waal's installation of sculptures at The Frick challenges visitors to look afresh.
The intricacy and beauty of Peruvian textiles have been a source of inspiration for many – from designers such as Vivienne Westwood, to photographers and painters.
Creative collaboration between contemporary artists and the glass masters of Murano.
A biography of a pioneering master of modernist architecture.
The gallerist opens a new space for artist-designer-makers in an old boathouse in Barnes, London.
A sample of a new wave of young, cross-disciplinary European artists.
An exhibition focussing primarily on the designer's furniture, and its historical context.
A bold exhibition of collectible design, inspired by Venice, pushes the limits of function.
An exhibition of one of the most influential artists of the post-war period, who developed a unique visual vocabulary.
Carpenters Workshop Gallery brings the first exhibition of limited edition design to the Venice Biennale.
Nature, software and master craftsmanship combined to produce a rich and complex showcase of design.
A celebration of the poetic, surrealist style belonging to an extraordinary double act.
Sixty pieces from a unique collection, showcased in an exhibition pavilion designed by Renzo Piano.
A retrospective of one of the most influential architects and designers of the twentieth century.
Ambre Jarno nurtures a creative relationship with Burkina Faso.
A mesmerising film reflecting on the legacy and value of modern design.
‘Cute’ and ‘cuddly’ design is tapping into an ancient human instinct.
Lena Peters latest ceramic work continues to play with folkloric narrative and storytelling.
Pushing the boundaries of collaboration, creativity and craft.