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Provocative and sensual work, exhibited in a virtual film noir.
Celebrating the resurgence of the Venetian glass sector after months of closure.
His subtle transformations of story-telling objects reveal hidden narratives.
Find out what happens when Cocksedge applies his curiosity, audacity and determination to industrial glass.
Discover new collections and iconic pieces in some hidden corners of Paris.
Take a wander through an alternative utopia.
In response to COVID, a group show explores the idiosyncratic meaning of necessity.
A fresh perspective on the pioneering Irish designer, who was at the forefront of the Modern Movement.
The isolation of lockdown, coupled with a brief to investigate the self, has produced an exotic harvest.
A selling exhibition of art and design demonstrates how colour itself can be a material, essential to a work and not just a finishing flourish.
A tantalising exhibition of textile art, waiting behind closed doors for the end of lockdown.
Natural materials and a spare aesthetic are shown to advantage in some thoughtful work from some of Norway's most talented designers.
Iconic, ironic and radical – an exhibition drawn from the archives of the avant-garde Italian design group.
The internationally acclaimed Brazilian brothers are opening a major retrospective in the iconic modern art museum of their home country.
A wild imagination, no boundaries and technical prowess produces an extraordinary show, from a rising US star of collectible design.
Anna Sansom's round-up of the winter shows.
Somerset House hosts this year’s Collect: The Design Edit picks highlights from its array of contemporary international craft and design.
The trio of creatives have conjured up the Collect VIP room through combined imagination – and the transformative alchemy of the Cox London foundry and workshops.
As this trio of shows demonstrates, when it comes to ceramics Messums is in for the long haul.
Is comfort a sedative? Is discomfort intellectually superior? An exhibition that provides a philosophical foray into the relationship between design and comfort.
Deceptive in their simplicity, many of the French designer’s pieces are technically complex feats of workmanship.
Determinedly resisting pigeon-holes and boundaries, this young artist’s exploration of his heritage through ‘pragmatic sculpture’ is both thought-provoking and enigmatic.
A paean to cars - collectible design on wheels - and their ambiguous legacy.
Thirty years ago the Iron Curtain started to buckle. As this show reveals, the impact of that moment has resonated on every level - including design.
Invited to curate an exhibition of the art that inspired him, in the building he designed, Mendini’s swansong is full of humour, colour and counterpoint.
Sarah Myerscough Gallery brings Marcin Rusak's new White Perma Collection to Design Miami/ – furniture made from flowers.
“All we need is love,” shouts Yovanovitch literally and metaphorically in his new exhibition, which is infused with sensuousness, colour, craftsmanship and humour.
A thought-provoking collection of contemporary collectible design comes to Los Angeles, inspired by the concept of Archeofuturism.
An ambitious exhibition celebrating the pioneering designer, egalitarian, environmentalist and feminist, who was instrumental in shaping the way we live today.
A room of their own: six designers produce an eclectic mix of chairs for the rooms of 17th century Fenton House.
Object, vessel or sculpture? These glass works sit in a category of their own, radiating quiet power.
By combining ideas drawn from nature with intelligent designs and virtuoso craftsmanship, Boulloud makes magic with metal.
Design enthusiasts were treated to a focus on ceramics and the opportunity to visit makers in their studios.
Corinne Julius showcases a selection of cutting edge designers and makers at Decorex International.
A career-spanning exhibition honours the pioneer of 'design-art'.
A lively exhibition that purposefully blurs the line between artist-made and designer-made pieces.
From sculpted insect shelters to exuberant street furniture, The Design Edit brings you the highlights.
Grant Gibson is impressed by the work on display at Stoke's five week festival of clay.
The last chance to catch a provocative presentation of African art.
The first contemporary art exhibition at Stonehenge Visitor Centre.
Contemporary white porcelain sculptures are juxtaposed with historic pieces, providing an exquisite showcase of skill and artistry.
A parade of quirky cabinets by a master maker.
A cornucopia of furniture – designed by the world’s leading architects – reveals imagination rooted in practicality.
A diverse late-summer show in the Hamptons.
Pablo Reinoso’s exuberant sculptures push the boundaries of form and function.
A selection of Malene Hartmann Rasmussen’s fantastical works stopped briefly in London, on their way to the Istanbul Biennial.
Guest curators Pembrooke and Ives unpack the archive at R & Company.
The legendary designer who ranged from couture to furniture.
A vibrant collection of over 160 iconic works from Sottsass’s Memphis Group, exhibited against the backdrop of a former 19th century prison.
An outstanding exhibition from the Loewe award-winning ceramicist.
The 'Fog couch' comes to London.
Angélique de Folin and Harumi Klossowska de Rola.
Edmund de Waal's installation of sculptures at The Frick challenges visitors to look afresh.
The intricacy and beauty of Peruvian textiles have been a source of inspiration for many – from designers such as Vivienne Westwood, to photographers and painters.
Creative collaboration between contemporary artists and the glass masters of Murano.
A biography of a pioneering master of modernist architecture.
The gallerist opens a new space for artist-designer-makers in an old boathouse in Barnes, London.
A sample of a new wave of young, cross-disciplinary European artists.
An exhibition focussing primarily on the designer's furniture, and its historical context.
A bold exhibition of collectible design, inspired by Venice, pushes the limits of function.
An exhibition of one of the most influential artists of the post-war period, who developed a unique visual vocabulary.
Carpenters Workshop Gallery brings the first exhibition of limited edition design to the Venice Biennale.
Nature, software and master craftsmanship combined to produce a rich and complex showcase of design.
A celebration of the poetic, surrealist style belonging to an extraordinary double act.
Sixty pieces from a unique collection, showcased in an exhibition pavilion designed by Renzo Piano.
Does the well-designed object have a role in our digital age?
A retrospective of one of the most influential architects and designers of the twentieth century.
Ambre Jarno nurtures a creative relationship with Burkina Faso.
A mesmerising film reflecting on the legacy and value of modern design.
‘Cute’ and ‘cuddly’ design is tapping into an ancient human instinct.
Lena Peters latest ceramic work continues to play with folkloric narrative and storytelling.
Pushing the boundaries of collaboration, creativity and craft.