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02.06 / Market
TDE asks galleries the question: "What does collectible design mean to you?"
00:27 / Exhibitions
Peter Ting in collaboration with Zha Cai Duan, using Dehua's exquisite white clay.
01:57 / Exhibitions
Marlène Huissoud introduces her 'Please Stand By' sculptures at the Brompton Biotopia.
01:54 / Exhibitions
Camille Walala introduces ‘Walala Lounge’, 2019 on South Molton Street.
02:15 / Exhibitions
Valerio Capo introduces Max Lamb's new exhibition, 'Urushi Wajima'.
01:09 / Exhibitions
The Design Edit scouts out Stoke’s Festival of Clay.
03:36 / In the Studio
A closer look at the 'L'orchidée' desk and 'Nautilus' table at The Robinson House Studio.
01:15 / In the Studio
Discussing the challenges of working with laminated veneers, the designer explains how success is found 'on the edge of failure'.
04:10 / People
Exploring the influences and inspiration behind the work of this renowned architect and designer.
0:23 / Objects
The designer reveals how his cabinet folds into a box.
0:13 / Objects
A demonstration of how this ingenious cabinet is opened and closed.
02:25 / In the Studio
As the Irish designer discusses his approach to materials, he introduces his large scale sculpture, 'Magnus Modus'.
03:53 / Exhibitions
An introduction to Sindika Dokolo and Kendell Geer's provocative presentation of African art.
2:08 / Exhibitions
The furniture-maker explains the rationale behind his exhibition of unconventional cabinets.
3:08 / Exhibitions
A bold exhibition of collectible design from Carpenters Workshop Gallery, inspired by Venice.