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0.53 / Exhibitions
Evan Snyderman introduces Sebastian Errazuriz's 'Freeze' console.
4.55 / Exhibitions
TDE TV meets the gallerists.
5.42 / Exhibitions
TDE TV meets the gallerists.
2.37 / Exhibitions
TDE TV interviews Lonneke Gordijn of DRIFT about their installation at Design Miami/Basel 2021.
30.20 / Collectible Conversations
TDE discusses the contemporary relevance of Isamu Noguchi with the Senior Curator of the Noguchi Museum.
20.11 / Collectible Conversations
TDE in conversation with the interior designer about his approach to collecting and integrating collectible design.
24.02 / In Person
In conversation with the Director of the V&A, London, about his new book on Josiah Wedgwood.
06.30 / People
An inspirational visit to the designer's studio in St. Ives, Cornwall.
/ At Home
The interior designer gives TDE TV a tour of her London home.
16.15 / In Person
Emma Crichton Miller, Editor of The Design Edit, in conversation with the Director of the Serpentine Gallery, London.
02.46 / In the Studio
A visit to the ceramicist's London studio to view her new collection 'Goddesses'.
32.15 / Collectible Conversations
Emotive Design: What is it and what does it do?
04.56 / Exhibitions
An interview with Tom and Will Butterfield as their '19 Chairs' project comes up for auction.
12.39 / People
The Dutch artist in conversation with Head of Department of Sculpture, Rijksmuseum.
21.42 / Collectible Conversations
Design and the Human.
20.02 / Collectible Conversations
Phoebe Cummings in conversation with Emma Crichton-Miller, Editor of TDE, for Sarah Myerscough Gallery.
05.27 / In the Studio
TDE TV visits the artist in her studio, in London, where she makes sculptural vessels and forms in wood.
02.16 / People
Talking to The Design Edit about the bio-plastic she developed from food waste – and her ideas for its future use.
05.37 / People
An intimate portrait of the lighting designer's life and work.
0.48 / Objects
One of our 'Objects of the Week', from Rusak's exhibition 'Encoded Symbols: Protoplasting Nature' at Carwan Gallery, Athens.
09.27 / Exhibitions
A presentation of their designs from 2020, through a virtual presentation of video art and poetry.
13.02 / Collectible Conversations
Creativity in a year of Covid.
04.35 / People
Talking through his love affair with the apple – and his thinking through making approach.
29.43 / Collectible Conversations
Visions, spirits, dreams and ancestors – Dyalvane explains the provenance of his new collection of ceramic stools.
02.34 / People
The ceramicist talks about his early introduction to clay and the concept behind 'The Tower of Babel', whilst voicing his support for Firedup4.
04.03 / In the Studio
Objects of Common Interest building the prototype of their kinetic installation 'Doric Columns' in Thessaloniki, Greece.
44.43 / Collectible Conversations
The New Craftsmen panel discussion, with Maria Speke, Gareth Neal and Aimee Betts, moderated by Emma Crichton-Miller, Editor TDE.
30.01 / Collectible Conversations
Peter Marigold in conversation with Emma Crichton-Miller, Editor of TDE, at Sarah Myerscough Gallery.
04.01 / Exhibitions
In conversation as 'Ron Arad 69' opened at Newlands House Gallery.
2.28 / People
A ceramic artist who constructs new stories from fragments of porcelain.
1.13 / People
Collaborating on the 'Stitched Sideboard' for The New Craftsmen.
3.19 / Exhibitions
On a mission to reshape and transform industrial glass.
2:01 / In the Studio
Marjan van Aubel and Jamie Shaw investigate using wood shavings and bio-resin in design.
1:18 / People
Recording his creative journey as part of 'Connected', a design project by AHEC and Benchmark Furniture.
32.57 / People
The Designer as Instigator.
04.57 / People
In conversation with Li Edelkoort.
0.41 / Exhibitions
Exhibition at Make Hauser & Wirth, Somerset, until 31st August 2020.
03.01 / People
'Kinds of Life', 2019 at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
11.47 / Exhibitions
Joanna Bird gives a guided tour to an exhibition of reflective self-portraiture.
18.11 / Collectible Conversations
Architecture, Art and Design
29.38 / Collectible Conversations
The Abstract Vessel.
04.02 / People
A visit to their studio in London reveals how process is intrinsic to their work.
08.04 / Exhibitions
Chihuly experiments with an ancient caneworking technique for his debut exhibition at Traver Gallery in Seattle.
1.59 / People
Preparing for their exhibition 'Walking in the Void' during lockdown.
18.04 / Collectible Conversations
Design in a time of crisis.
3.30 / People
Collaborating with local artisans from her design studio in Reykjavik.
59.55 / Exhibitions
In discussion with Glenn Adamson before the opening of Walden, a virtual exhibition at Schloss Hollenegg for Design.
2.55 / The Q&A
Describing his journey as a craftsman and designer
2.38 / People
The Belgian designer talks to TDE TV about his work and the founding of BRUT collective.
2.38 / People
Introducing the Department of Seaweed.
3.32 / People
The Design Edit visits the artist in his studio.
3.15 /
The Design Edit talks to the fair's founders.
2.34 / Exhibitions
The designer introduces her new pieces for Tectonics, made from marbled salt.
3.51 / People
The Design Edit talks to the founders of NOMAD.
3.08 / News
As he prepares for his exhibition ‘Inside Out’, the designer reflects on the process of mould-making.
2.27 / Exhibitions
Małgorzata Bany reflects upon her Jade Collection as her exhibition opens in The Design House at Roche Court.
02.02 / News
Hélène Benhamou guides us around a historic Parisian apartment she has styled with some favourite things.
5.21 / People
An interview with Rusak in his workshop about how he uses flowers to articulate his ideas about value, beauty and the ephemeral.
1.00 / Market
The designer talks about his 'Real Time' series.
11.04 / People
A film by his daughter Alison, honours the pioneer of 'design-art'.
1.13 / News
Grant Gibson introduces his podcast of interviews with leading designers, makers and artists.
2.05 / Exhibitions
Japan is the inspiration for his new collection of work: the iridescence of the cherry blossom, and the reflections of the landscape and cities.
1.56 / News
TDE invites Domenico Raimondo, Europe and Senior International Specialist at Phillips, to share his highlights.
1.30 / News
TDE invites Jeremy Morrison, European Head of Design, to share his highlights.
02.06 / Market
TDE asks galleries the question: "What does collectible design mean to you?"
21.07 / News
Two icons of design in conversation with Loïc Le Gaillard of Carpenters Workshop Gallery
00:27 / Exhibitions
Peter Ting in collaboration with Zha Cai Duan, using Dehua's exquisite white clay.
01:57 / Exhibitions
Marlène Huissoud introduces her 'Please Stand By' sculptures at the Brompton Biotopia.
01:54 / Exhibitions
Camille Walala introduces ‘Walala Lounge’, 2019 on South Molton Street.
02:15 / Exhibitions
Valerio Capo introduces Max Lamb's new exhibition, 'Urushi Wajima'.
01:09 / Exhibitions
The Design Edit scouts out Stoke’s Festival of Clay.
03:36 / In the Studio
A closer look at the 'L'orchidée' desk and 'Nautilus' table at The Robinson House Studio.
01:15 / In the Studio
Discussing the challenges of working with laminated veneers, the designer explains how success is found 'on the edge of failure'.
04:10 / People
Exploring the influences and inspiration behind the work of this renowned architect and designer.
0:23 / Objects
The designer reveals how his cabinet folds into a box.
0:13 / Objects
A demonstration of how this ingenious cabinet is opened and closed.
02:25 / In the Studio
As the Irish designer discusses his approach to materials, he introduces his large scale sculpture, 'Magnus Modus'.
03:53 / Exhibitions
An introduction to Sindika Dokolo and Kendell Geer's provocative presentation of African art.
2:08 / Exhibitions
The furniture-maker explains the rationale behind his exhibition of unconventional cabinets.
3:08 / Exhibitions
A bold exhibition of collectible design from Carpenters Workshop Gallery, inspired by Venice.