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Osman Can Yerebakan

Osman Can Yerebakan is an art writer and curator based in New York

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The dynamic Nigerian city hosts the rising design stars of West Africa – soon to be viewed by an international audience via a Netflix documentary.
The designers who came of age in post-Soviet Georgia continue their exploration of the personal and social through objects and furniture.
Playing a part in rejuvenating the Motor City through design and innovation.
Following a colour-saturated exhibition in Detroit, the ceramicist has been shortlisted for the Officine Saffi Award in Milan.
The designer duo’s ode to timeless Modernist craftsmanship.
The Moroccan artist making wicker chairs to tell alternative versions of a traumatic history.
The Kenyan-British ceramicist opens her first solo exhibition in New York in three decades.
Commissioned first, curated later: a reversed methodology that has allowed this ambitious exhibition to speak volumes.
Step into Jonathan Berger’s art installation – a collectible design shop that's open for the next year.
Launching during Design/Miami – three limited-edition designs.
From a floating garden to a revolutionary wood-stove, this biennial brings a wide range of thought-provoking work.