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TDE’s guide to what’s on and where – and what you might have missed.

Venice Biennale 2022 / Roundup by Astrid Malingreau

Venice Biennale 2022: Max Ingrand, Isamu Noguchi, Grégoire Scalare – Astrid Malingreau reports on the wealth of design on offer.

Sheila Hicks: Off Grid by Emma Crichton-Miller

Sheila Hicks: “Textile is a universal language. In all of the cultures of the world, textile is a crucial and essential component.”

Héritages by Anna Sansom

Héritages: Newly commissioned collectible design staged in La Cité Radieuse, a modernist housing block designed by Le Corbusier, in Marseille.

R & Company: Spring 2022 by Adrian Madlener

R & Company: solo shows from three designers – Serban Ionescu, Jolie Ngo and Hun Chung Lee – celebrating the imperfections of construction.

Mixed Metals by Corinne Julius

Mixed Metals: "Born of earth, and formed by fire, metal can be as hard as steel or as soft as silver. Metal has opinion and character, even before it is made into a piece.”

London Dispatch / May 2022 by Dominic Lutyens

London Dispatch: TDE on the ground at Eye of the Collector, London Craft Week and Artefact.

Intervención/Intersección: MASA at Rockefeller Center by Adrian Madlener

MASA: The Mexico City collective makes its New York debut with a provocative display staged beneath Rockefeller Center.

New York Dispatch / May 2022 by Adrian Madlener

New York Dispatch: A rich offering of collectible design this spring - from retrospectives of Gloria Kisch and Jacques Jarrige, to innovative, emerging designers such as Ian Alistair Cochran and Joseph Algieri.

Jean Touret by Anna Sansom

Jean Touret: Two simultaneous exhibitions highlight the category-defying work of the 1950s furniture designer, who set up Les Artisans de Marolles.

Les Lalanne: Makers of Dreams by TDE Editorial Team

Les Lalanne: "Unless you enter their world, you can't begin to understand how interesting it is ..."

‘A Matter of Life and Death’ by Caroline Roux

Thomas Dane, Naples: Curator Jenni Lomax demonstrates that ceramics are simply vital: not just in daily life, but in the practice of art.

‘Fifty Years of Modernity’ by Astrid Malingreau

'Fifty Years of Modernity': “I learnt from my mother that it is more exciting to discover an exceptional piece by an unknown designer, than a minor one by a major name.”

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