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TDE’s guide to what’s on and where – and what you might have missed.

‘A Matter of Life and Death’ by Caroline Roux

Thomas Dane, Naples: Curator Jenni Lomax demonstrates that ceramics are simply vital: not just in daily life, but in the practice of art.

‘Fifty Years of Modernity’ by Astrid Malingreau

'Fifty Years of Modernity': “I learnt from my mother that it is more exciting to discover an exceptional piece by an unknown designer, than a minor one by a major name.”

Daniella Ohad / The Female Voice by Natalie Kovacs

Daniella Ohad / The Female Voice: "I was only interested in pieces that were totally original, totally reflective of the zeitgeist: work that contributed to the story of modern design."

Radical Acts: Why Craft Matters by Emma Crichton-Miller

Radical Acts: Why Craft Matters: An imaginative and provocative way to intervene in a house that offers a dazzling display of Georgian craftsmanship.

Paris Dispatch / April 2022 by Anna Sansom

Paris Dispatch / April 2022: The varied furniture of Frank Lloyd Wright, Venetian-inspired glassworks and the colourful ceramics of Alice Gavalet, on view this spring.

Anders Herwald Ruhwald / This is the Living Vessel: Body by Adrian Madlener

Anders Herwald Ruhwald: “I don’t subscribe to the idea that there is a special and separate world in which sculpture exists. To me, it’s an extension of everything else that humans produce."

BRUT Collective // City Remnants by Adrian Madlener

BRUT Collective // City Remnants: The Belgian design cooperative’s latest installation riffs on the forms and functions of urban life.

New York Dispatch / April 2022 by Adrian Madlener

New York Dispatch / April 2022: From Chelsea to Tribeca, the long-awaited Spring season sees the opening of new galleries and stellar solo and group shows …

The New Figuration. Curated by Glenn Adamson by Emma Crichton-Miller

The New Figuration. Curated by Glenn Adamson: As Friedman Benda's latest survey show prepares to open, Adamson lays out his thinking with Emma Crichton-Miller, Editor of TDE.

La Bocca della Verità by Anna Sansom

La Bocca della Verità: The latest gallery project by the passionate collector and pioneer, Jean-François Declercq, boosting the Belgian design scene.

Lisa Hammond / Future Perfect by Emma Crichton-Miller

Lisa Hammond / Future Perfect: The strength of British studio pottery is exemplified by an established ceramicist and her flourishing former apprentices.

Paris Dispatch / March 2022 by Anna Sansom

Paris Dispatch / March 2022: Gathering talent from across Europe, four shows to see this spring.

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