Looking for something to watch? Browse our collection of short films below, which bring collectible design alive.

Eleanor Lakelin by TDE TV

TDE TV visits the artist in her studio, in London, where she makes sculptural vessels and forms in wood.

Class of 2020: Hannah Skevington by TDE TV

Talking to The Design Edit about the bio-plastic she developed from food waste – and her ideas for its future use.

Lindsey Adelman by Pascal Perich

An intimate portrait of the lighting designer's life and work.

Marcin Rusak: ‘Standing Light PN 00’, 2020 by Carwan Gallery Athens

One of our 'Objects of the Week', from Rusak's exhibition 'Encoded Symbols: Protoplasting Nature' at Carwan Gallery, Athens.

Studiopepe: De-siderio by Studiopepe

A presentation of their designs from 2020, through a virtual presentation of video art and poetry.

Collectible Conversations / Léa Mestres by TDE TV

Creativity in a year of Covid.

Barnaby Barford by TDE TV

Talking through his love affair with the apple – and his thinking through making approach.

Collectible Conversations / Andile Dyalvane by TDE TV

Visions, spirits, dreams and ancestors – Dyalvane explains the provenance of his new collection of ceramic stools.

Barnaby Barford: Firedup4 by TDE TV

The ceramicist talks about his early introduction to clay and the concept behind 'The Tower of Babel', whilst voicing his support for Firedup4.

Kvadrat Knit! by Kvadrat

Objects of Common Interest building the prototype of their kinetic installation 'Doric Columns' in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Ways of Seeing by The New Craftsmen

The New Craftsmen panel discussion, with Maria Speke, Gareth Neal and Aimee Betts, moderated by Emma Crichton-Miller, Editor TDE.

Crafted Conversations / Peter Marigold by Sarah Myerscough Gallery

Peter Marigold in conversation with Emma Crichton-Miller, Editor of TDE, at Sarah Myerscough Gallery.

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