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Ballet dancer turned architect, Torzo has designed her first exhibition of furniture with elegance and ease of the body in mind.
The Lebanese partnership, with its head in the clouds and its feet on the ground.
Their journey from carefree student life, to running a design studio in Jo'burg, fired by love and creativity.
A shared curiosity about design processes brought them together, since then they've enjoyed a wide-ranging creative collaboration.
Disrupters, performers and makers.
The Design Edit interviews the artist and designer as his shows open in New York.
Five years on, the youngest dealers in the collectible design world are successfully developing 21st century Chinese design.
A large scale ceramic installation in an urban setting allows this multi-media artist to explore the interplay of art with architecture.
TDE catches up with Guillaume Excoffier at the collectible design gallery’s pop-up in New York.
R & Company have been championing contemporary collectible design for over twenty years – it all started in the flea markets of Philadephia and Manhattan.
For his first exhibition at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris, Vincenzo De Cotiis has created a new collection of shimmering works inspired by Japan and the theme of iridescence.
Kim Hostler and Juliet Burrows, life partners and founders of Hostler Burrows, have recently opened a new gallery in Los Angeles after over 20 years in the business. They aptly attribute their success to “building long-term relationships.”
Guillaume Taslé d'Héliand charts the development of his evolving collectible design fair, and discusses the emergence of Lebanese design.
From Hoxton to Mayfair, via Porto Cervo – the story of Gallery FUMI’s eleven extraordinary years in the contemporary design market.
The first curatorial director of Design Miami/ talks to The Design Edit about the role of collectible design
Glenn Adamson interviews the Dutch designer in the run up to his latest New York show.
Art dealers, visionaries and founders of Carpenters Workshop Gallery.
In conversation with a prominent collector of avant-garde design.