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Adrian Madlener

Adrian Madlener is a Brussels-born, New York-based writer covering a wide range of design-related topics.

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Adrian Madlener’s roundup of in-person spring shows.
The New York lighting designer joins forces with the socially progressive platform Colony to debut a new collection.
R & Company's in-depth survey of the ever-evolving American crafts movement is as much a reflection of the present, as it is of the past.
Robust ceramic furnishings by the Dutch designer take pride of place at New York’s Casa Perfect.
Young provocateur Brecht Wright Gander helps inaugurate New York’s latest format-defying collectible art and design gallery.
The stalwart fair beats all the odds with a hybrid presentation – celebrating the Americas region.
The metals artist unveils a new collection, inspired by coral and animal scales.
A capsule retrospective of the renowned sculptor’s discipline-defying oeuvre.
New York’s dedicated master crafts incubator revs up for an auspicious season.
Sculptural works conjured from close observation of nature, which artfully play with form and function.
Provocative and sensual work, exhibited in a virtual film noir.
The celebrated maverick’s first solo show at New York’s R & Company offers a new range of sublime sculptural furniture.
In response to COVID, a group show explores the idiosyncratic meaning of necessity.