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Articles by Adrian Madlener

Adrian Madlener is a Brussels-born, New York-based writer covering a wide range of design-related topics.

R & Company: Spring 2022 by Adrian Madlener

R & Company: solo shows from three designers – Serban Ionescu, Jolie Ngo and Hun Chung Lee – celebrating the imperfections of construction.

Intervención/Intersección: MASA at Rockefeller Center by Adrian Madlener

MASA: The Mexico City collective makes its New York debut with a provocative display staged beneath Rockefeller Center.

New York Dispatch / May 2022 by Adrian Madlener

New York Dispatch: A rich offering of collectible design this spring - from retrospectives of Gloria Kisch and Jacques Jarrige, to innovative, emerging designers such as Ian Alistair Cochran and Joseph Algieri.

‘RCP2 chair’, 1992, 2022 by Adrian Madlener

‘RCP2 chair’, 1992, 2022: Jane Atfield

Anders Herwald Ruhwald / This is the Living Vessel: Body by Adrian Madlener

Anders Herwald Ruhwald: “I don’t subscribe to the idea that there is a special and separate world in which sculpture exists. To me, it’s an extension of everything else that humans produce."

BRUT Collective // City Remnants by Adrian Madlener

The Belgian design cooperative’s latest installation riffs on the forms and functions of urban life.

‘Clement Cabinet’, 2022 by Adrian Madlener

'Clement Cabinet', 2022: Jallu

New York Dispatch / April 2022 by Adrian Madlener

From Chelsea to Tribeca, the long-awaited Spring season sees the opening of new galleries and stellar solo and group shows …

Wesley Sacardi by Adrian Madlener

Wesley Sacardi: "I was looking for a way out of my career in advertising and a way to revive the creative spirit I had fostered as a child – I wanted to work with my hands again."

New York Dispatch / March 2022 by Adrian Madlener

Hélène de Saint Lager and Simone Bodmer-Turner turn heads this spring with their solo shows, brimming with playful self-expression.

‘Elephant Lamp’ 2022 by Adrian Madlener

Samuel Lambert and Darius Laprise

OrtaMiklos: Relations by Adrian Madlener

A celebrated duo’s break up is made public in a cathartic final show.

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