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Articles by Adrian Madlener

Adrian Madlener is a Brussels-born, New York-based writer covering a wide range of design-related topics.

New York Dispatch 2 / September 2022 by Adrian Madlener

New York: Uncovering hidden gems by two giants of different traditions, two New York mainstay galleries are enriching design history.

New York Dispatch 1 / September 2022 by Adrian Madlener

New York: Fresh approaches to the age-old traditions of ceramics, stone craft and drawing dominate in the city's top-billed autumn showcases.

Stephen Markos by Adrian Madlener

Stephen Markos: The founder of Superhouse talks about his passion for promoting young talents in the collectible design field.

Conversation Pieces: Contemporary Furniture in Dialogue by Adrian Madlener

San Francisco: A new exhibition at SFMOMA surveys iconic furniture pieces that prioritise expression over utility.

The Lightness of Being by Adrian Madlener

The Lightness of Being: A group show of leading female ceramicists takes shape in Lisa Perry’s new East Hampton-home exhibition venture.

‘Ibuju Table’, 2022 by Adrian Madlener

‘Ibuju Table’, 2022: Fango

Chicago Dispatch / July & August 2022 by Adrian Madlener

Chicago Dispatch / July & August 2022: Chicago is alive with creativity - we pick three of the top design shows this summer.

New York Dispatch / July & August 2022 by Adrian Madlener

New York: Organic maximalism and striking juxtapositions command attention in the summer shows – don't miss these three …

‘Extrude Side Table’, 2022 by Adrian Madlener

'Extrude Side Table', 2022: Will Coggin

‘metalworks – designing & making’ by Adrian Madlener

Luxembourg: Konschthal Esch presents an exhibition exploring the impact of metal on design and its historical significance in the post-industrial city.

New York Dispatch / June 2022 by Adrian Madlener

New York: Diverse work to entice dreamers and collectors – from Misha Kahn at Friedman Benda, to rising talents REM Atelier and Pierre Castignola at Objective Gallery.

New York State / June 2022 by Adrian Madlener

New York State: Two unmissable shows sensitively curated at two iconic venues - Formafantasma at Manitoga’s Dragon Rock and Object & Thing at Madoo Conservancy.

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