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Articles by Paul Clemence

Paul Clemence is a writer and photographer covering the cross sections of design, art and architecture.

WantedDesign Manhattan 2022 / Review by Paul Clemence

WantedDesign Manhattan 2022: Four standout works from emerging international designers.

‘Chaise Longue’, 2019 by Paul Clemence

'Chaise Longue', 2019: Guto Índio da Costa

WantedDesign by Paul Clemence

WantedDesign: TDE's top picks from the New York platform for emerging designers.

atelier oï by Paul Clemence

atelier oï: After three decades of creative collaboration, the transdisciplinary trio launch a new parallel initiative focused on limited-edition design. TDE visits their headquarters to find out more.

‘Chair’, 1930 by Paul Clemence

'Chair', 1930: John Graz

Anna Horváth by Paul Clemence

Anna Horváth: A rigorous design background, driven by a social conscience, inspired by a Mediterranean island, proves a powerful concoction.

(Entre) Tempos: Jorge Zalszupin by Paul Clemence

(Entre) Tempos / Jorge Zalszupin: An atmospheric curation of the late designer's architecture and furniture, in the house he lived in for six decades.

Pietro Franceschini by Paul Clemence

Pietro Franceschini: Both classical and contemporary, playful and serious, Franchesini's work is a balancing act of influences.

Brasilia Design by Paul Clemence

Brasilia Design: Brasilia was conceived in modernism – today's designers are still inspired by its legacy.

Vivian Beer by Paul Clemence

Vivian Beer: Powerful, playful work that defies expectations.

Obituary / Jorge Zalszupin by Paul Clemence

Obituary / Jorge Zalszupin: The Polish architect who found his spiritual home in Brazilian design.

Patrick Weder by Paul Clemence

Patrick Weder: As New York remains under lockdown, Paul Clemence introduces us to one of the many international designers who make their home there.

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