All I Want for Christmas / Martin Clausen

Eurico Humano, 'Under Construction', 2016

By TDE Editorial Team / 11th December 2020

MARTIN CLAUSEN IS co-founder and Creative Director of Adorno, the curated online platform for collectible design. Founded in 2016, the site combines the best of local knowledge with a global digital reach. We invited Denmark-based Clausen to choose the piece he wants Julemanden to post down his chimney.

Martin Clausen COURTESY: Martin Clausen / PHOTOGRAPH: Tommy Frost

Martin Clausen
COURTESY: Martin Clausen / PHOTOGRAPH: Tommy Frost

Which collectible design object would you like Father Christmas to bring you?
‘Under Construction’ by Eurico Humano.

 Eurico Humano, 'Under Construction', 2016 COURTESY: Adorno

Eurico Humano, ‘Under Construction’, 2016

Why this object?
To me, collectible design is all about finding the right balance between the artwork and the function. Firstly, it is essential that the artwork immediately speaks to your feelings, and makes you question rather than answer. Secondly, the piece needs a function that is delicately integrated into the piece without making too much noise. This lamp is a manifestation of exactly that – a piece that plays with your perception of materials and form, while functioning as a floor lamp. In all of Eurico Humano’s works, you instantly feel the connection to the artist through his characteristic language and work with transforming everyday materials something I’m very attracted to in the Brazilian contemporary design scene in general.

Which chair will you be sitting in on Christmas day?
I will be sitting in the ‘Marshmallow Armchair’ that I recently commissioned from the French, Eindhoven-based designer/maker Diego Faivre. He is also a part of the @adorno.design family and a great talent that I admire. Emerging from his series of ‘Minute Manufacturing’ where 1 minute costs 1 Euro Diego has created my dream chair that will arrive just in time for Christmas.

Diego Faivre, 'Marshmallow Chair', 2020 COURTESY: Martin Clausen

Diego Faivre, ‘Marshmallow Chair’, 2020 for @adorno.design
COURTESY: Martin Clausen

I have never been able to sit straight on a chair, so having only one armrest will allow me to sit in just that quirky position that suits the moment, whether I’m working or dining. His own material “Diego Dough”, which comes in all colours, gives the piece a personal and handmade look, making it a true sculpture from every angle when not in use.

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