Articles by Claire Wrathall

Claire Wrathall writes for the Financial Times and is a former editor of Art Quarterly.

Stuart Haygarth by Claire Wrathall

Stuart Haygarth: “A lot of my work is about abandonment and loss, I think. And giving things a second life.”

Body Vessel Clay / Black Women, Ceramics & Contemporary Art by Claire Wrathall

Body Vessel Clay / Black Women, Ceramics & Contemporary Art: “Ladi Kwali opened up my horizons, every time I walk around my work, I think of her.” Magdalene Odundo

Flawless X Vivarium: New Modernism / SALE PREVIEW by Claire Wrathall

Flawless X Vivarium: New Modernism / SALE PREVIEW: A sale reflecting the rekindled interest in abstract modernist design jewellery.

Rediscovering Paul Hultberg by Claire Wrathall

Rediscovering Paul Hultberg: The designer at the beating heart of the avant-garde who expressed himself through enamel.

Pae White by Claire Wrathall

Pae White: Shimmering, glittering, sparkling, iridescent – her extraordinary work is inspired by colour, nature and the potential of the loom.

ROUNDUP / 2020’s outstanding lots by Claire Wrathall

ROUNDUP / 2020's outstanding lots: The Design Edit picks out ten exceptional pieces sold at auction this year.

Pista Horror: Year of the Rat by Claire Wrathall

Menacing, humorous and rich in symbolism, the Hungarian artist debuts in London with his neosurrealist painted tiles.

AUTUMN ROUNDUP / Design Auctions 2020 by Claire Wrathall

AUTUMN ROUNDUP / Design Auctions 2020: A mixture of high hopes and some sensational sales – but also some disappointments.

Grayson Perry: The MOST Specialest Relationship by Claire Wrathall

Grayson Perry / The MOST Specialest Relationship: On the eve of his Channel 4 series and as his new show opens, Claire Wrathall catches up with the ceramic artist who loves to court controversy.

Art with Design by Claire Wrathall

Art with Design: In displaying art with design in spaces configured to suggest domestic interiors rather than white cubes, galleries are blurring the distinction between the two.

Achille Salvagni by Claire Wrathall

Achille Salvagni / architect and designer: On the eve of the publication of his monograph, Claire Wrathall meets the man who explores myths with his furniture.

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