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Emma Crichton-Miller

Emma Crichton-Miller is Editor-in-Chief of The Design Edit.

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Using disassembled moulds and sound, Cocksedge brings the drama of the making process into the gallery.
He was one of the first designers to embrace computer modelling and CAD, thirty years on he's still on his journey.
A collection of rescued treasures – reimagined and transformed.
A patron of contemporary art and design.
The fruits of lockdown: a collection of sensual, sculptural vessels with an array of impressive new glazes.
Friedman Benda – redefining the field of design by embracing interdisciplinary practices and promoting intergenerational dialogue.
Quietly intense, both exhibitions offer subtle explorations of materials and process.
Reinventing the art fair, by embracing the domestic space.
Ballet dancer turned architect, Torzo has designed her first exhibition of furniture with elegance and ease of the body in mind.
A post-lockdown explosion of imagination and skilful execution.
A shared curiosity about design processes brought them together, since then they've enjoyed a wide-ranging creative collaboration.
A selling exhibition of art and design demonstrates how colour itself can be a material, essential to a work and not just a finishing flourish.
A tantalising exhibition of textile art, waiting behind closed doors for the end of lockdown.
Natural materials and a spare aesthetic are shown to advantage in some thoughtful work from some of Norway's most talented designers.
A tribute to the renowned design writer.
Without the usual flow of international visitors, the fair started on an anxious note, but galleries reported some strong and surprising sales before lockdown.
A tribute to the renowned British gallerist who was at the heart of the New York art scene.
A tribute to the pioneering dealer who fell in love with Italian post-war design.
The trio of creatives have conjured up the Collect VIP room through combined imagination – and the transformative alchemy of the Cox London foundry and workshops.
The Design Edit meets the Director of Hamiltons Gallery in his gallery office – the inspiration behind his renowned art-fair booths.
Sarah Myerscough Gallery brings Marcin Rusak's new White Perma Collection to Design Miami/ – furniture made from flowers.
Object, vessel or sculpture? These glass works sit in a category of their own, radiating quiet power.
Corinne Julius showcases a selection of cutting edge designers and makers at Decorex International.
From sculpted insect shelters to exuberant street furniture, The Design Edit brings you the highlights.
From Hoxton to Mayfair, via Porto Cervo – the story of Gallery FUMI’s eleven extraordinary years in the contemporary design market.
Tightly curated and simulating displays of collectible design.
The gallerist opens a new space for artist-designer-makers in an old boathouse in Barnes, London.
The architect shares her passion for Mexican food, tequila and her grandmother's volcano rock mortar.
Carpenters Workshop Gallery brings the first exhibition of limited edition design to the Venice Biennale.
Art dealers, visionaries and founders of Carpenters Workshop Gallery.
The magazine for collectors and dreamers