Articles by Emma Crichton-Miller

Emma Crichton-Miller is Editor-in-Chief of The Design Edit.

PAD Paris + Art Paris 2024/ Roundup by Emma Crichton-Miller

A buoyant mood at two fairs full of surprises and unexpected juxtapositions

Objects of Desire: Surrealism and Design 1924-Today by Emma Crichton-Miller

Objects of Desire: A seductive argument for Surrealism's role in the history of design.

Raphael Navot by Emma Crichton-Miller

Raphael Navot: “Our body hasn’t changed for thousands of years, why would anything relating to it? I love the idea of comfort – both physically and mentally.”

Reynold Rodriguez by Emma Crichton-Miller

Reynold Rodriguez: “These pieces became a kind of company … They have this very personal, very emotional quality.”

Pearl Lam by Emma Crichton-Miller

Pearl Lam: “The whole concept of cross-disciplinarity can be traced back to the Chinese literati. We have no segregation, we have no discrimination. We don’t even have a name for ‘artist’.”

Brodie Neill by Emma Crichton-Miller

Brodie Neill: “I endeavour to find innovative ways of transforming ocean microplastics into the building blocks of provocative designs.”

PAD London 2022 / Roundup by Emma Crichton-Miller

PAD London: Evocative scenography, high quality works and an appreciative audience marked PAD's return to London.

START! Robert Stadler x Richard Artschwager by Emma Crichton-Miller

START!: As the Robert Stadler x Richard Artschwager show opens in New York, TDE catches up with curator Glenn Adamson and designer Robert Stadler.

‘Monumental Striped Vessel’, circa 2000 by Emma Crichton-Miller

'Monumental Striped Vessel', circa 2000: John Ward

NOMAD Capri 2022 by Emma Crichton-Miller

NOMAD Capri: Eclectic works from a dozen international galleries perfectly capture the romance of the Neapolitan island.

‘Old Well (Furuido)’, 2021 by Emma Crichton-Miller

‘Old Well (Furuido)’, 2021: Yonezawa Jirō

Nacho Carbonell by Emma Crichton-Miller

Nacho Carbonell: Carpenters Workshop Gallery inaugurates its new space in Los Angeles with the debut US solo show of the Spanish artist.

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