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Articles by Emma Crichton-Miller

Emma Crichton-Miller is Editor-in-Chief of The Design Edit.

‘Monumental Striped Vessel’, circa 2000 by Emma Crichton-Miller

'Monumental Striped Vessel', circa 2000: John Ward

NOMAD Capri 2022 by Emma Crichton-Miller

NOMAD Capri: Eclectic works from a dozen international galleries perfectly capture the romance of the Neapolitan island.

‘Old Well (Furuido)’, 2021 by Emma Crichton-Miller

‘Old Well (Furuido)’, 2021: Yonezawa Jirō

Nacho Carbonell by Emma Crichton-Miller

Nacho Carbonell: Carpenters Workshop Gallery inaugurates its new space in Los Angeles with the debut US solo show of the Spanish artist.

Julian Watts – Ash Swale by Emma Crichton-Miller

Julian Watts: As his first European solo exhibition opens, the artist maker talks to TDE about moving to the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range and being inspired by Cy Twombly.

Sheila Hicks: Off Grid by Emma Crichton-Miller

Sheila Hicks: “Textile is a universal language. In all of the cultures of the world, textile is a crucial and essential component.”

‘Our Bodies, In Fragmented Gesture’, 2019 by Emma Crichton-Miller

'Our Bodies, In Fragmented Gesture', 2019: Zoë Paul

‘Back to Earth’, 2021 by Emma Crichton-Miller

'Back to Earth', 2021: Johannes Nagel

Radical Acts: Why Craft Matters by Emma Crichton-Miller

Radical Acts: Why Craft Matters: An imaginative and provocative way to intervene in a house that offers a dazzling display of Georgian craftsmanship.

Virginia Leonard by Emma Crichton-Miller

Virginia Leonard: The New Zealand-based ceramicist talks to TDE about how she moved from canvas to clay, and how her work gives a voice to trauma and chronic pain.

The New Figuration. Curated by Glenn Adamson by Emma Crichton-Miller

The New Figuration. Curated by Glenn Adamson: As Friedman Benda's latest survey show prepares to open, Adamson lays out his thinking with Emma Crichton-Miller, Editor of TDE.

Lisa Hammond / Future Perfect by Emma Crichton-Miller

Lisa Hammond / Future Perfect: The strength of British studio pottery is exemplified by an established ceramicist and her flourishing former apprentices.

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