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Emma Crichton-Miller

Emma Crichton-Miller is Editor-in-Chief of The Design Edit.

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The Design Edit meets the Director of Hamiltons Gallery in his gallery office – the inspiration behind his renowned art-fair booths.
Sarah Myerscough Gallery brings Marcin Rusak's new White Perma Collection to Design Miami/ – furniture made from flowers.
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From Hoxton to Mayfair, via Porto Cervo – the story of Gallery FUMI’s eleven extraordinary years in the contemporary design market.
Tightly curated and simulating displays of collectible design.
The gallerist opens a new space for artist-designer-makers in an old boathouse in Barnes, London.
The architect shares her passion for Mexican food, tequila and her grandmother's volcano rock mortar.
Carpenters Workshop Gallery brings the first exhibition of limited edition design to the Venice Biennale.
Art dealers, visionaries and founders of Carpenters Workshop Gallery.
The magazine for collectors and dreamers