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Grant Gibson

Grant Gibson is a former editor of Blueprint and Crafts and hosts the new podcast Material Matters.

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A paean to cars - collectible design on wheels - and their ambiguous legacy.
A room of their own: six designers produce an eclectic mix of chairs for the rooms of 17th century Fenton House.
Grant Gibson is impressed by the work on display at Stoke's five week festival of clay.
The first contemporary art exhibition at Stonehenge Visitor Centre.
Meet the designers exploring a new frontier of biological processes.
A selection of Malene Hartmann Rasmussen’s fantastical works stopped briefly in London, on their way to the Istanbul Biennial.
An outstanding exhibition from the Loewe award-winning ceramicist.
A biography of a pioneering master of modernist architecture.
An exploration of the role of tools in craft and design.
Grant Gibson visits the new MDR Gallery in Coal Drops Yard, London.
Lena Peters latest ceramic work continues to play with folkloric narrative and storytelling.