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TDE’s guide to what’s on and where – and what you might have missed.

British Ceramics Biennial by Grant Gibson

British Ceramics Biennial: Grant Gibson is impressed by the work on display at Stoke's five week festival of clay.

New York Dispatch by Daisy Alioto

New York Dispatch: Summer 2019

IncarNations. African art as a philosophy by TDE News

IncarNations. African art as a philosophy: The last chance to catch a provocative presentation of African art.

Linda Brothwell: Conversations in Making by Grant Gibson

Linda Brothwell / Conversations in Making: The first contemporary art exhibition at Stonehenge Visitor Centre.

Blanc de Chine, A Continuous Conversation by Charlotte Abrahams

Blanc de Chine, A Continuous Conversation: Contemporary white porcelain sculptures are juxtaposed with historic pieces, providing an exquisite showcase of skill and artistry.

David Gates: in dialogue by TDE News

David Gates / in dialogue: A parade of quirky cabinets by a master maker.

Architects’ Furniture, 1960-2020 by Anna Sansom

Architects’ Furniture, 1960-2020: A cornucopia of furniture – designed by the world’s leading architects – reveals imagination rooted in practicality.

Synchronicity by Judith Gura

Synchronicity: A diverse late-summer show in the Hamptons.

Supernature by Anna Sansom

Supernature: Pablo Reinoso’s exuberant sculptures push the boundaries of form and function.

Fantasma by Grant Gibson

Fantasma: A selection of Malene Hartmann Rasmussen’s fantastical works stopped briefly in London, on their way to the Istanbul Biennial.

Uncrated by Judith Gura

Uncrated: Guest curators Pembrooke and Ives unpack the archive at R & Company.

Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion by Judith Gura

Pierre Cardin / Future Fashion: The legendary designer who ranged from couture to furniture.

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