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On the Sofa: Rick Owens and Michèle Lamy


Carpenters Workshop Gallery
Until 25th October 2019

By TDE News / 11th October 2019

CURRENTLY ON VIEW at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London is the latest atmospheric furniture collection of cult American fashion designer, Rick Owens. ‘Glade’ exemplifies the dark glamour and distressed haute couture aesthetic of Owens and his wife and creative collaborator Michèle Lamy. A range of seating inspired by recycled army blankets, forest glades and concrete underpasses marries cosiness with an austerity that nods to German artist Joseph Beuys. Some totemic, sculptural headdresses, silver and black chrome plated Aztec Crowns – which featured in Owens’s September fashion show in Paris – here find an alternative purpose, bringing drama to the interior. Also on view are new versions of Owens’s ‘Prong’ pieces: one gleaming in aluminium, one dark with vivid turquoise exploded innards, made of foam and chrome.

The Design Edit listened in on a conversation between Owens, Lamy and gallery owner, Loïc le Gaillard.

On the Sofa: Rick Owens and Michèle Lamy in conversation with Loïc le Gaillard of Carpenters Workshop Gallery
COURTESY: Carpenters Workshop Gallery

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