All I Want for Christmas / Simone Brewster

Magdalene Odundo, 'Anthropomorphic Sculpture', 1991

By TDE Editorial Team / 18th December 2020

London-based designer Simone Brewster is known for her bold sculptural furniture, decorative objects and striking jewellery. Her influences are drawn equally from her Caribbean heritage, the whole history of design and contemporary architecture. Since Simone has just moved house, she is ideally placed to dream up a Christmas wish list.

Simone Brewster COURTESY: Simone Brewster

Simone Brewster
COURTESY: Simone Brewster

Which collectible design object would you like Father Christmas to bring you?
‘Anthropomorphic Sculpture’ (1991) by Magdalene Odundo.

Magdalene Odundo, 'Anthropomorphic' sculpture, 1991 COURTESY: Magdalene Odundo

Magdalene Odundo, ‘Anthropomorphic’ sculpture, 1991
COURTESY: Magdalene Odundo

Why this object?
I’ve just moved into my first home and the experience has brought me back to my childhood and what feels like a home to me. In my childhood home I was surrounded by objects that spoke of my Caribbean heritage, pieces that were sculptural and dark and usually made from wood. I’m looking to surround myself with pieces that embrace this narrative. I also remember seeing one of these pieces in the British Museum and felt a connection to the tactility and sculptural qualities of this piece. I was left with total admiration for the skill and craft necessary to make one of these beautiful vessels.

Which piece of jewellery will you be wearing on Christmas Day?
I’ll be wearing two pieces of jewellery that are important to me. An engagement ring, which was a clever commission placed by my fiancé with Helena Vieira, the designer behind Mutter Metal Works. She created a bespoke nail ring for me in gold, which I love. The second will probably be a pair of my pyramid earrings. I’m all about wearing loose-fitting, simple black clothes, and using my jewellery to do the work. So my pyramids are quite a statement and will do the job perfectly.

Simone Brewseter, small gold pyramid earrings COURTESY: Simone Brewster

Simone Brewster, Metropolis Gold Pyramid earrings
COURTESY: Simone Brewster

Simone Brewster 





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