All I Want for Christmas / Valerio Capo

J.B. Blunk, 'Scrap Chair', 1968

By TDE Editorial Team / 9th December 2020

FOR THE SECOND in our ‘All I want for Christmas’ strand, we have put the questions to Valerio Capo, co-founder and co-director of the London-based collectible design gallery, FUMI.

Valerio Capo COURTESY: Valerio Capo

Valerio Capo with a pot by Johannes Nagel
COURTESY: Valerio Capo

Which collectible design object would you like Father Christmas to bring you?
‘Scrap Chair’ by J. B. Blunk (1968)

J. B. Blunk, 'Scrap Chair', 1968 COURTESY: Museum of Arts and Design New York

J. B. Blunk, ‘Scrap Chair’, 1968
COURTESY: Museum of Arts and Design New York

Why this object?
Do I really need to answer why?!!! I love the irregularity of the chair, its material-driven shape, and Blunk’s simple yet genius way of working with the material – really ahead of his time! A few years ago I was lucky enough to visit J.B. Blunk’s house and workshop in Inverness in California, immersed in the woods. An amazing place. Seeing his living space and the surroundings put his practice in context.

On Christmas day, what will you be sitting on?
I will be sitting on old Thonet’s chairs around my parents’ dinner table in the south of Italy.

Thonet chair at his parents' house COURTESY: Valerio Capo

Thonet chair at Valerio’s parents’ house
COURTESY: Valerio Capo

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