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The Who’s Who of Collectible Design – from gallerists and auctioneers, to designers and craftspeople.

Raro London by Helen Chislett

Raro London: After two decades of building up a talented team of Indian master craftsmen, whilst honing their own creative vision, Rajeeta and Rolly Gupta launched their design atelier in London last year.

Guillaume Taslé d’Héliand by Anna Sansom

Guillaume Taslé d'Héliand: Guillaume Taslé d'Héliand charts the development of his evolving collectible design fair, and discusses the emergence of Lebanese design.

Martino Gamper by Dominic Lutyens

Martino Gamper: A late discovery of ginger, combined with his love of Italian cooking, gave the designer inspiration for a new recipe.

David Gill by Caroline Roux

David Gill: The godfather of London’s limited-edition world.

Vincent Darré at ‘Puces, Mon Trésor’ by Anna Sansom

Vincent Darré at 'Puces, Mon Trésor': At a festival to celebrate the world-renowned antique markets of Paris, The Design Edit caught up with its flamboyant ambassador, French interior designer Vincent Darré.

Achille Salvagni by Claire Wrathall

Achille Salvagni / architect and designer: On the eve of the publication of his monograph, Claire Wrathall meets the man who explores myths with his furniture.

Puryear and Hurwitz by Paul Clemence

Puryear and Hurwitz: A furniture collaboration for the Glenstone Museum.

Mathieu Lehanneur by Anna Sansom

Mathieu Lehanneur / designer: Anna Sansom meets the man whose curiosity drives him to work across diverse design fields.

Barry Friedman by Judith Gura

Barry Friedman / art dealer: Judith Gura meets ‘the man who rediscovered Art Deco’ and built a pioneering collection of contemporary design.

Joseph Grima by Caroline Roux

Joseph Grima / curator: As Milan's Museum of Italian Design unveiled a new installation of its permanent collection, Caroline Roux caught up with its exceptionally busy curator.

In The Hot Seat / Sam Pratt and Valerio Capo by Emma Crichton-Miller

Sam Pratt and Valerio Capo: From Hoxton to Mayfair, via Porto Cervo – the story of Gallery FUMI’s eleven extraordinary years in the contemporary design market.

Frida Escobedo by Emma Crichton-Miller

Frida Escobedo: The architect shares her passion for Mexican food, tequila and her grandmother's volcano rock mortar.

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