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Anna Sansom

Anna Sansom is a Paris-based journalist who writes about art, design and architecture for The Art Newspaper, Frame, Damn and Sotheby's Magazine, among other publications.

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Some outstanding works, despite a quieter profile.
In a restored gothic palace, Nomad presents collectible design in tune with The Venice Glass Week.
Anna Sansom meets the man whose curiosity drives him to work across diverse design fields.
A cornucopia of furniture – designed by the world’s leading architects – reveals imagination rooted in practicality.
Pablo Reinoso’s exuberant sculptures push the boundaries of form and function.
A vibrant collection of over 160 iconic works from Sottsass’s Memphis Group, exhibited against the backdrop of a former 19th century prison.
The first curatorial director of Design Miami/ talks to The Design Edit about the role of collectible design
Creative collaboration between contemporary artists and the glass masters of Murano.
A sample of a new wave of young, cross-disciplinary European artists.
An exhibition of one of the most influential artists of the post-war period, who developed a unique visual vocabulary.
Craftsmanship was exalted at the 23rd edition of the arts and design fair.
Nature, software and master craftsmanship combined to produce a rich and complex showcase of design.
Sixty pieces from a unique collection, showcased in an exhibition pavilion designed by Renzo Piano.
A retrospective of one of the most influential architects and designers of the twentieth century.
Ambre Jarno nurtures a creative relationship with Burkina Faso.
His latest exhibition was a masterpiece of technical ingenuity, as Anna Sansom discovers.