Articles by Caroline Roux

Caroline Roux writes about contemporary art, design and architecture.

‘A Matter of Life and Death’ by Caroline Roux

Thomas Dane, Naples: Curator Jenni Lomax demonstrates that ceramics are simply vital: not just in daily life, but in the practice of art.

Art Dubai fair / Cyrus Kabiru by Caroline Roux

Caroline Roux meets the Kenyan 'Afrofuturist' who started making spectacles from junk when he was six.

Atelier LUMA by Caroline Roux

Atelier LUMA: Caroline Roux visits the visionary workshop in Arles, where local materials – salt, algae, wool and sunflowers – are transformed into tapestries, tiles and wall panels.

Soft Baroque: SUN CITY by Caroline Roux

Soft Baroque / SUN CITY: An upbeat, vibrant IRL show – bathed in yellow.

Michael Anastassiades by Caroline Roux

Michael Anastassiades: The Design Edit meets the lighting designer as he reflects on twenty years of experimentation and distillation.

RDAI x The Invisible Collection by Caroline Roux

This spring, Rena Dumas's work is brought back to life with exclusive re-editions of five pieces originally designed for private houses.

Lindsey Adelman by Caroline Roux

Lindsey Adelman: The Design Edit speaks to the renowned lighting designer before the launch of 'Paradise', her "new form of itinerant luxury".

The Haas Brothers by Caroline Roux

The Haas Brothers: Witty, fantastical and exquisitely executed, the Haas Brothers' designs keep breaking boundaries.

David Gill by Caroline Roux

David Gill: The godfather of London’s limited-edition world.

Joseph Grima by Caroline Roux

Joseph Grima / curator: As Milan's Museum of Italian Design unveiled a new installation of its permanent collection, Caroline Roux caught up with its exceptionally busy curator.

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