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Judith Gura

Judith Gura was a New York-based writer and lecturer with a special focus on contemporary design. She covered the design market for two decades, and published a number of books on modern design, furniture and interiors.

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The designer opens a new space on Lower East Side, to introduce his more experimental work to New York's savvy audience.
A wild imagination, no boundaries and technical prowess produces an extraordinary show, from a rising US star of collectible design.
Five years on, the youngest dealers in the collectible design world are successfully developing 21st century Chinese design.
An art dealer passionate about design.
Is comfort a sedative? Is discomfort intellectually superior? An exhibition that provides a philosophical foray into the relationship between design and comfort.
A retrospective of his early furniture and sculptures, set amongst the works of his contemporaries.
R & Company have been championing contemporary collectible design for over twenty years – it all started in the flea markets of Philadephia and Manhattan.
The sales reveal a cooling off for midcentury modernism, but the appetite for Les Lalanne continues to grow.
Determinedly resisting pigeon-holes and boundaries, this young artist’s exploration of his heritage through ‘pragmatic sculpture’ is both thought-provoking and enigmatic.
Sunny skies and splendid sales.
TEFAF and Salon Art + Design: the former reported healthy sales to its loyal core audience, while the latter skewed towards younger collectors and new design.
Kim Hostler and Juliet Burrows, life partners and founders of Hostler Burrows, have recently opened a new gallery in Los Angeles after over 20 years in the business. They aptly attribute their success to “building long-term relationships.”
“All we need is love,” shouts Yovanovitch literally and metaphorically in his new exhibition, which is infused with sensuousness, colour, craftsmanship and humour.
A thought-provoking collection of contemporary collectible design comes to Los Angeles, inspired by the concept of Archeofuturism.
Contemporary design joins vintage as the gallery expands its space and focus in a new location.
Still breaking the mould at eighty.
Art-historical categories are muted in favour of an interdisciplinary approach: the jury is still out whether design is served well by MoMA’s latest expansion.
A two day sale dedicated to Les Lalanne's personal collection
By combining ideas drawn from nature with intelligent designs and virtuoso craftsmanship, Boulloud makes magic with metal.
A career-spanning exhibition honours the pioneer of 'design-art'.
A lively exhibition that purposefully blurs the line between artist-made and designer-made pieces.
Judith Gura meets ‘the man who rediscovered Art Deco’ and built a pioneering collection of contemporary design.
A diverse late-summer show in the Hamptons.
Guest curators Pembrooke and Ives unpack the archive at R & Company.
The legendary designer who ranged from couture to furniture.
Brooklyn-based design team, Chen Chen and Kai Williams, show their latest work at Future Perfect’s new exhibition space – a townhouse in New York’s West Village.
As Loellmann makes his debut at Twenty First Gallery in New York, Judith Gura charts his stellar rise.
Record sales, few surprises.
An exhibition focussing primarily on the designer's furniture, and its historical context.
A show of ‘Generation X’ designers highlights their originality and self-expressive energy.
Two design shows: two marketing styles.
Judith Gura discovers how his instinct for design and innovative marketing was honed.
On the eve of the announcement of his departure from Phillips, Judith Gura found out how this market maestro came to lead his field.
The fair distinguished itself with some strong contemporary work – and the largest audiences yet.
Contemporary artists are pushing the boundaries and producing some playful, original and unconventional designs.
A celebration of the poetic, surrealist style belonging to an extraordinary double act.
Does the well-designed object have a role in our digital age?
‘Cute’ and ‘cuddly’ design is tapping into an ancient human instinct.
In conversation with a prominent collector of avant-garde design.
Tiffany lamps and works by Les Lalanne were among the highlights of the sales.